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Veteran’s Day 2023 Virtual Deployment: Bourbon & Cigar Tasting Benefiting Chaplain Corps Cigar Therapy

Veteran’s Day 2023 Virtual Deployment: Bourbon & Cigar Tasting Benefiting Chaplain Corps Cigar Therapy

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In honor of Veteran’s Day 2023, Deployment Cigars is holding a Virtual Deployment Fundraiser on Thursday 9 November: 

Bourbon & Cigar Tasting Experience to Benefit Chaplain Corps Cigar Therapy.

Lt. Col. Steve Petrosino USMC (RET), a Level 2 Sommelier and Guinness Book World Record-holder of the fastest beer chug to date, with Col Mike US Army (RET), will host our fourth Virtual Deployment: a Bourbon & Cigar Tasting Experience fundraiser on Thursday, 9 November from 1900-2100 EST (a/k/a 7pm-9pm Eastern) via Zoom Conference call.

This event will enable us to support military chaplains who use cigar therapy as part of their ministries.


The Virtual online evening’s experience shipped to your location* includes:

  • 1 crystal tasting glass
  • 4 one-ounce tastings of the following bourbons - Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, 82nd Airborne Bourbon by Boundary Oak Distillery, Angels Envy Deployment Reserve, and Buffalo Trace.
  • 1 Deployment Kentucky Black Label Cigar (Toro enhanced with Blanton's Bourbon)
  • 1 Deployment American Gothic Fly-over State Cigar (Nicaraguan Toro)
  • 1 superb new Deployment Chaplain Corps cigar (Nicaraguan Robusto)
  • 1 box of veteran-owned Lift Chocolates to cleanse the palate
  • A tasting chart and description notes

Q&A will be moderated by Chrisi Hagan and various military and Special Forces guests and maybe even a politico or two will be available for the discussion. There will be unique raffle and auction items in between tastings for registered and paid attendees sponsored by

*Please note:

- Unlike other items listed on the Deployment site, the Bourbon tasting is a virtual event. YOUR KITS WILL BE SHIPPED THE WEEK OF THE TASTING BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN PERISHABLE ITEMS.

- Times and & dates are subject to change, no refunds or exchanges.

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