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Chaplain Corps Ammo Can Humidor

Chaplain Corps Ammo Can Humidor

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The Chaplain Corps dates back to 29 July 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized one chaplain for each regiment of the Continental Army, with pay equaling that of a captain. In addition to chaplains serving in Continental regiments, many militia regiments counted chaplains among their ranks.

Purchase of this customized ammo can humidor will contribute to our support of the Chaplain Corps cigar therapy sessions.

This .50 Cal Chaplain Corps Ammo Can Humidor holds 40 to 70 cigars and is engraved with the name of every U.S. Military chaplain KIA since the Revolutionary War. It is waterproof and airtight and is made from Authentic Re-Purposed Ammo Cans, 1/4" Thick Spanish Cedar Lining, and Retains Unique Markings from its Battlefield Life Color: Olive Drab Materials: Metal Origin: United States

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